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Background Information

The organized volunteer effort at Rainbow Springs State Park began in 1990 immediately following the purchase of the site of the former commercial attraction. Volunteers cleaned the garden of more than 15 years of debris and did repairs to make existing facilities usable. In 1992 the volunteers were allowed to open the Park on a weekend only basis with the understanding that they would initiate the incorporation of a group based on a state sanctioned program for a Park CSO or "Citizen Support Organization" in order to raise funds. The corporation became a reality in 1993 as FORS or "The Friends of Rainbow Springs State Park, Inc.". The weekend operation, facility rehabilitation and the introduction of fundraising events called "Santa Livingroom" and the Annual Benefit Golf Event were early efforts of the volunteers. The work of the volunteers was merged with a basic Florida Park Service staff to make full time park operations possible in 1995.

The original cadre of supporters has grown from some 30 volunteers to almost 200 FORS members, many of whom are active volunteers. The volunteers continue to be an integral part of the Park, contributing over 15,000 hours annually. A substantial percentage of that time is in areas of visitor services such as the gift shop, food concession and special events. These activities along with donations, grants, and membership dues provide the funding for projects in the park which could not be accomplished within the state budget. FORS supports a variety of Park needs including the construction and operation of a greenhouse, providing educational materials and activities, and donating the materials for various facility improvements. The construction of a large multi-use pavilion was made possible in 1997 through a matching grant by the Felburn Foundation for Environmental Education.

Rainbow River Photo

Enjoy the beauty of a natural Florida spring with surrounding gardens and walking trails.

In responding to our mission statement, to help support the preservation of this valuable resource,
FORS has accepted the challenge to support the renovation of the
garden area of the park.

Most recently FORS has accepted the responsibility for a long term project to renovate the existing garden areas. The first phase goal of $100,000 became a reality in 1999. A master garden plan has been prepared and implementation priorities and a schedule are being developed. Fundraising continues as we work towards raising a second $100,000 towards making the entire renovation a reality.

Our goal is two fold. The renovation will utilize native and non-invasive ornamentals (such as the existing azaleas and camellias) that need little or no irrigation, fertilizer or pesticides to help address the decline of water quality and the undesirable impact on the aquatic plant community of the springs and river. Secondly, the renovated garden will serve as a demonstration garden and laboratory for visitors to explore alternatives to traditional resource intensive and environmentally degrading landscaping practices.

"You can become a part of the park support effort with a tax deductible membership or donation. As a member, you will receive the quarterly newsletter which provides the latest news on project status and updates on the calendar of events. Members only activities may be made available from time to time as the Board of Directors determines. As a voting member, you can participate in the direction of the organization through the election of the members of the Board of Directors. We also welcome active volunteer participation to help make FORS goals a reality. "
FORS Memberships Click Here for Membership Form
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Annual fees
$10 Associate
$15 Individual
$25 Family
$100 Business
Lifetime fees
$500 (Patron)
$1000 Founder

Legacy Grant

Significant donations for projects of $5,000 or more will be appropriately recognized. (The Felburn Pavilion is an existing example.) We are currently seeking such grants for specific garden area planting costs as well as funding for a self-guided, walking tour brochure, and a 5 part, park features video series ($5000 each). FORS will be happy to supply a copy of our financial statement, IRS 501(C)3 status letter or other information.

Please contact FORS Secretary
19158 SW 81st Place Rd
Dunnellon, FL 34432

For recreation or camping information please visit the
State Park Link or phone

Commemorative Brick (Felburn Pavilion Walkway)
$50 Brick Paver
Recognition Tree (Visitor's Center)
$250 Small gold leaf
$500 Large silver leaf
$750 Large bronze leaf
$1000 Large gold leaf

Membership Information | Donations | Legacy Grant | Membership Form | Background Information
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